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Recent Projects

Project # Subject Title
115601 General Political forces that influenced public housing in US
115602 Business sTARTEGY
115604 General Comparison of policies for the disabled in other countries
115605 Business 500-750 words with sources on Foreign Direct Investments
115606 Mathematics Business Calc HW & test
115607 History Multicultural America Book Review or Response Paper
115610 History New Native American Realities
115612 General government discussion
115613 English POETRY ESSAY.
115615 General TIME LINE POSTER
115616 Mathematics Economics- Cost of Production Spreadsheet
115618 General Genre Paper
115619 Business Clean Water Act Discussion
115620 Business Environmental Issues
115622 General 1 - Passenger through-put time (the average time it takes one passenger to process through a passenger screening system) is vita
115623 Business Strategic Thinking
115624 Business Discussion Critique
115626 Business 3 questions
115627 Business Allocating Resources
115628 Science QEP Research Paper
115629 Business Expenditures
115630 Mathematics Quiz #8
115632 General Many terminals are very vulnerable to the threat of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and vehicle-borne improvised explosive d
115633 Business Community Presentation
115635 General 1 - Write a paper presenting your opinion of what the current state-of-the-art MANPAD mitigation system should be. Reinforce yo
115636 Science Biology Human Reproduction HW
115637 General Suggest and discuss two means of increasing the effectiveness of air cargo side screening operations. Reinforce your suggestions
115638 Law E-Cigarettes
115642 Law E-Cigarettes
115644 General The Benefits of Separating Rail Infrastructure From Operations
115645 General This assignment is specific to Special Education
115646 History Chicano Studies 2 / Chicano History 2
115647 General communication
115648 General This assignment is specific to Special Education
115649 General RFID technology & Time Based Competition
115650 General RFID Technology
115652 History Case Study: The Democrat and The Dictator
115653 Mathematics Intermediate Algebra
115655 General White Housw Economic Stimulus Plan for Transportation
115656 General Logistics Transportation Systems
115657 Business Issues in Contemporary Society
115661 English Three short essays
115667 Business Case study
115668 Business It is statistics course assignment for economics major
115669 Science human reproduction
115671 Business Analyzing
115673 English Human Diversity
115674 Business Financial
115675 Business Individual Case Study
115676 Science research paper review (literature review)
115677 Mathematics Algabra
115678 General Geography assignment 5 Q 5
115679 General Geography assignment 5 Q 4
115680 English Multicultural Education
115681 General Narrative Essay
115682 Philosophy Humanities HELP
115684 General Human Sexuality (psychology)
115687 Business Human resource management
115688 English critical thinking
115689 Mathematics Ratio Calculations
115690 English Writing assignment - Strategic plan 8 pages
115691 Business human resource
115692 General Communication and Persuasion
115693 English Role of Facial Expressions in Public Speaking
115694 Business Finance
115695 Business excel 2013
115697 Business Oranizational Behavior Ch 2 Video Analysis
115700 Business write about the guest speaker

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