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80439 Business project
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80444 Business Economics six assignments, three tests, and one exam
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80453 Business SBE 440 Course Project
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80467 Business Final Exam
80468 General engineering
80469 Law Homework
80470 English Leadership Evaluation and Leadership Philosophy
80471 General Literature Review
80473 Law Punishment, Justice & Reform
80474 Law State and Federal Prisons
80477 Mathematics Math in Everyday Live
80478 Medicine Approvals
80479 English lit review topic/plan
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80481 Law Land Use Policy in Houston
80482 General Week 2
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80484 Medicine Unit 8: Information Technology (IT) and the National Health Information Network (NHIN)
80485 Business Ethics Paper
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80489 Science Chapter 12 Reading assignment
80490 Mathematics Intemediate Algebra
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80494 Science 2 ecology assignments
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