Project #77532 - Network Security Project

There are three project options you can choose from.  You need to discuss your choice with your mentor for approval.

Choice 1: If you work for an organisation, consider to integrate this project as part of your work. 

Choice 2: Find an organisation you are familiar with and approach its IT manager to envisage the possibility of conducting a project within that organisation. Examples of organisations are: business organisations and non-government or non-for-profit organisations.

Choice 3: Use this CASE STUDY and discuss it with your mentor the aspects of network security you are to demonstrate (proof of concept) as part of the project implementation.Some aspects to consider are (but not limited to):

  1. Design, implement and test Unified Threat Management system using open software like Endian FW, Vyatta  or any other system you are familiar with
  2. Design, implement and test Intrusion Prevention and Detection Systems to meet the Case Study requirements
  3. Design, implement, configure and test an Authorisation / Authentication System (preferably, Open Source)
  4. Design, configure, test and deploy a web server
  5. Design, configure, test and deploy a DNS server
  6. Research and write a comprehensive set of security policies that meets industry best practices
  7. Perform complete risk analyses and propose appropriate disaster recovery and business continuity plans

It is important to note that the final output of your project is to deliver a comprehensive network security plan.

Your task is to produce a network security plan and demonstrate its technical implementation in order to address the organisation's network security requirements.


ALL assessments are to be completed as per the course profile.

Task 1:

This is an individual assessment.

You need to submit four individual activity journals in weeks 3, 6, 9 and 12. You must use this standard template to write and format your journals. The actual journal entry should is in your Mahara ePortfolio. Please ask your mentor if you do not know how to do this. Access to your Mahara ePortfolio is via the CQU Portfolio link located on the left of this Moodle Site.

Each Activity Journal worths 2% of total course marks.

What you need to submit

In your journal entry, make sure to address the questions and issues in the form of Reflections, Group discussions, Resources, Problem Analysis and What next. Use the template as a guide to document and format your entries in the  Mahara ePortfolio. 

(Note: This is different to uploading your assignment. The journal entries are to be written directly in the Mahara ePortfolio. Then before the assignment due date, share your Portfolio Secret URL by pasting it on the Moodle online submission TexBox. More information is provided in the submission section for each activity)

Task 2:

General Information

This is a group assessment and you need to complete these reports as a group.

You are required to submit and present to your peers four progress reports throughout the term. Submissions are due on Fridays of Weeks 4, 7, 9 and 11. 

Each submission worths 3% of total course marks.


Four progress reports are expected from each group throughout the term. Each progress report should contain a review of the project, summarising work completed since the last report. 

On-campus students

Each group MUST give in-class presentations of each periodic project progress report (4). All group members should be present for the presentations. Feedback and comments from your peers should be addressed  in your next progress report

Distant or Flexible students

The Course Coordinator will provide you necessary instructions to present your group's periodic progress reports.


What you need to submit

You are required to submit a single document in Microsoft Word format (.doc or .docx). You must use this standard project progress report template to write and submit your progress reports.

References from in-text citations should be at the end of the document(s).


  • You should begin with a brief review of work completed since the last progress report: this should exceed not 500 words. You should highlight any major achievement(s) and outline any issues or problems. You should flag work that will be undertaken in the next review period
  • You should include an activity list detailing tasks (both completed and outstanding), who is assigned to the task, level of completeness and any comments. While not mandated, you may like to follow the format below:
  • Use this report to keep your local lecturer up to date with your progress and to make them aware of any problems you are having.

Task 3:

The Project Documentation and Technical Implementation involve submission of following four assessement items due in week 4, 7, 11 and 12. All of these are Group Assessments.

  • DRAFT Network security plan
  • Project plan
  • Proposed technical implementation
  • Final project report and implementation

Subject Computer
Due By (Pacific Time) 08/15/2015 12:00 am
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