Project #80187 - job opportunity for writers

Writers , read this carefully if you looking for good opportunity

I pay $7 a paper, each paper is 300 words APA format .

My name is Linda, I own original essay writing website in Miami Florida , and I need  to hire 1 writer to work with me. I just need 1 GOOD writer.

Before I talk to you, make sure meet the following

1. Have a valid PayPal account ( so I can pay you )

2. Have Facebook account ( all my communication is through facebook)

3. you are good in APA format


In my website I provide high quality work 100% original. That why before talking to you I need to make a test to see your writing abilities



-  Answer each of the following questions with no more than 150 words

-  Use at least 1 peer reviewed reference

- format the paper according to the APA guidelines

_ make sure that your witting is 100% original


Q1: What are the merits of the argument that the World Trade Organization interferes with governmental sovereignty?


Q2: elect one country other than the United States, and try to find a foreign equivalent of the following laws or regulations. Then, contrast the regulatory environment of the United States with that of the country you selected. 

o    Product liability laws ( 150 words )


Q3:  Do you think the responsibilities placed on organizations by the United Nations Global Compact should be assigned to local governments instead? Justify your response.


Send your answers in a word document with email subject " Job Application " to

In the word document include your name the your Facebook URL

Do NOT add me on Facebook, or chat with me in my website

Just answer the questions above , include all the info , if I like your work I will contact you


When I receive your work, I will be looking on the following

1.  I will be looking if you covered all the requirements of each question

2. I will be looking if you format / cite references according to APA

3.  I will run plagiarism check ( work has to be orignial ) 

4.  I will be looking for grammar mistakes and sentences structure 


If you are a good writer , I will contact you

Do NOT add me on Facebook, or chat with me in my website before you send me your work 






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Due By (Pacific Time) 08/27/2015 12:00 am
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