Masters Course Plan for 2015

Project 1: High Density Wireless Design - Project Assignment


The following projects are designed to provide students with real world experience in the design, review, recommendation, and deployment of wireless network infrastructure implementations. Each project is intended to take roughly ten weeks for a team of 3  students.

Business Case


In the past 3 years there’s been an exponential increase in the adoption of mobile technologies by both staff and students at the University. This places an enormous demand on the wireless infrastructure and core network, and there is an ongoing requirement to grow and improve the network to meet this demand. In specific high density areas, it is particularly difficult to meet demand. The University must consider new approaches to wireless design traditional methods cope with demand. Key locations are listed below.

1)      ELT-1

2)      ELT-2

3)      ELT-3

4)      ELT-4

5)      ELT-5

6)      ELT-6

7)      Szental

8)      Undercroftt

Each location has its own unique challenges and design considerations that must be identified and mitigated in the planning and design of the proposed solution.

Capabilities and Requirements

When ICT develops its wireless designs, the following points are top of mind. These should be specifically considered and discussed as part of the project:

1)      RF design should consider location specific parameters applicable to wireless design.

2)      Your design should cater, average  20 active devices in a wireless cell (allow 25% HD Video call, 50% web browsing). You need to estimate bandwidth requirement for such design criteria.

3)      Real time audio/video (MS Lync, Skype, Facetime) to be supported over wireless

4)      Streaming video (Netflix, Youtube)  to be support over wireless

5)      Power planning (of APs) to be done according to different client types used.

6)      Channel planning to be done to minimize one AP to interfere with another.

7)      Protocols, Data Rates selection to be justified with technical reasons.

8)      AP model selection to be justified with technical reasons.

This list is not exhaustive and any location specific design considerations you uncover should also be discussed.


Each project team will be assigned one areas listed above and develop a high density wireless infrastructure solution using the guidelines listed in the Approach below.


Plan (Est. 1 week)


Each group will need to create the following documents

·         Detail project plan (What is required, effort/duration expected, cost and by who)

·         Scope Document (In scope\Out of scope including any assumptions)

·         Communications plan

·         Risk and Issues Register

·         Stakeholder analysis


Measure\Review (Est 1 week)


·         Walk around identity potential challenges\interferences

·         Tour of the current network infrastructure currently deployed (Access to Comms room if required)

·         Wireless site survey using map and tools to understand current usage and coverage (Cisco Prime Infrastructure access, Floor Plans and Site surveying tools will be provided.)


Design (Est 3 weeks)


·         Technical Design Document addressing design requirements

·         Justification of your design (Including hardware selected and listing all the considerations you included in your design)

·         Bill of Materials (BoM) including costing

·         Budget for the work to be completed

·         List of any assumptions if any

·         Complete a 30 minute professional presentation on your design to the project board including (Computers Sciences Lecturers and Tutors and ICT Network Management team)


Implementation (Est 3 weeks – mid semester break)


·         As Built documentation (New network diagram, Updated cabling, Update configuration)

·         ICT will facilitate the implementation of the selected designs if standards are met. (The project plan should allow 4 weeks for this activity to occur)


Post Implementation review and presentation (Est 3 weeks)


·         Review\measure the area once the implementation has occurred to verify the changes has the expected outcomes.

·         Document the things that could be done better next time.

·         Create a poster of summarizing the project including (Team, Project Plan, Budget, Requirement, Network design and Outcomes)



 ICT will provide the following assistance to allow this project to be completed


·         Introduction discussion to La Trobe University current network infrastructure

·         Network diagrams, Wireless diagram, Cabling diagrams, Floor Plans for the areas

·         Access to Wireless Management systems (Read only)

·         Copy of Cisco Recommended standard price list (Students to use 60% off RRP as guide to LTU’s standard discount)

·         Cabling costs price guidelines.

·         Booked time for walk through and access to Comms Room for each area




Subject Computer
Due By (Pacific Time) 10/08/2015 12:00 am
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