Project #90800 - Networking Fundamentals Assignment

Hello! I have an assignment I need done for my online Networking Fundamentals class. Honestly, it is already late so needs to be done ASAP. I will post the directions below, however be aware that the assignment is a 3 pg paper and a few short mini labs that need to be done online at The labs should be short and simple considering they are for a beginners Networking class. Please look over these directions and let me know if you can do this. I will make payment right away.


Assignment 2: Dropbox Assignment

Online Lab and Course Project

This assignment consists of three parts:

  1. Online TestOut Hands-on Lab 3
  2. Part 3 of the course project
  3. Summative document

TestOut Hands-on Lab 3

To complete this lab:

  1. Login to your TestOut account.
  2. Then, complete the following labs:
    1. 4.2.3 Reconnect to an Ethernet Network
    2. 4.2.4 Select an Ethernet Cable
    3. 4.3.3 Connect Network Devices 1
    4. 5.1.5 Configure IP Addresses

Note: Remember, to be able to do these labs correctly, you are encouraged to review the materials provided under TestOut sections.

  1. Once you are done with your lab, click Done for your score to be submitted. You can do each lab up to three times. The average score will be considered.

Course Project- ÂPart 3

In this assignment, you will study the OSI layers and how data flow takes place between them.

Using the South University Online Library or the Internet, research the following:

  • OSI layers
  • Network addressing schemes

Continuing with the scenario you worked with in W2 Assignment 2, in which you designed a network and selected the necessary hardware and software, this week you will complete the following task:

  • Consider the network design you created in W2 Assignment 2. A computer A in United Kingdom sends data to computer B in Dreamz Inc. network. Discuss how data will flow at each OSI layer. At each hop, what will be the source and destination Media Access Control (MAC) and IP address? Mention a rationale for each address.

Summative Document

Create a 3-page Word document that presents the following:

  • A summary of your Hands-on Labs 1-3 results
  • A summary of your work done till  Week 3 on the course project
  • A discussion on how you will utilize the experience gained from Hands-on Labs 1-3 and the first three parts of the course project with supporting examples


Assignment 2 Grading Criteria
Maximum Points
Document posted revealed solid understanding of the task using factual and relevant information, and also provided specific examples you benefited from the hands-on labs in doing the course project.
Completed all the assigned tasks for Hands-on Lab 3.
Specified the source and destination MAC and IP address, provided the necessary rationale, and discussed how both addresses are changed.
Written Components.

Subject Computer
Due By (Pacific Time) 11/03/2015 12:00 am
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