Project #91405 - Organizational Behavior

  • Students are to write an experiential paper on Organizational Behavior. 
  • Students are to select 6 topics from the text for their paper.
  • Students are to write about Organizational Behavior from a personal experience and/or work related experience for each of the 6 topics.
  • Students will demonstrate their knowledge of Organizational Behavior using key theories, concepts, terminology, and material from the texts, class lectures, and other supplemental information.
  • Submit hard copy to instructor.  Post paper in Turnitin Assignments.  **Syllabus for due date.


Students are to use the following topic headers.  Place the header on the left margin in BOLD.

Note:  25 points will be deducted for not following the outline.


1st Header:      Introduction

2nd Header:     Background Information of the topics

3rd Header(s):  Headers for each of the 6 Key concepts, theories, and practices in Organizational Behavior (Integrate personal and work experiences, anecdotes, stories, examples, etc.)

4th Header:      Discussion – students are to provide views, opinions, arguments, observations, etc. **Avoid making broad, generalized statements that cannot be substantiated with references to the texts.

5th Header:      Closing Comments – answer the questions** (Provide detailed and substantive information from resources that support your comments).

**Students are to answer the following questions in CLOSING COMMENTS.

§  How would you use/apply the 6 topics in your workplace?  Provide specific examples for each of the topics.  Explain your answer using chapter sources.  Cite Chapter and page. ANSWER QUESTION USING NUMBERED PARAGRAPHS 1-6.

§   How does your new knowledge about OB influence your behavior and how you interact with others in the work place?  Specifically identify BEST PRACTICES that apply to the workplace.

§  What are the similarities and differences with Organizational Behavior between U.S. companies and Global companies?  Provide specific examples and explanations of your findings.  Note: An internet search will be required to answer this question.  Cite sources.

6th Header:      Reference Page


Paper Format:

·       The paper will be minimum 6 to 10 pages. 

·       Arial 12 point font.

·       Cover page (School name, Course Number/Name, Title of Paper, Your name, Instructor Name, Date) Use Arial, 14-point font. Centered on page and bold

·       Use proper APA citation format in the body of the paper

·       Reference page (APA citation format)

·       Number your pages.

·       Staple your paper.  Unstapled papers will lose 5 points.



Subject Business
Due By (Pacific Time) 11/07/2015 12:00 am
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